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IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference


12.10.2012 – Conferenza IEMDC 2013 – 12-15 Maggio 2013 presso il Westin Ohare Hotel, Chicago, IL (United States)

IEMDC seeks to address all aspects of design, operation, control, and systems integration of electric machines, electromechanical actuators, and the controls and power electronic drives that implement their applications. Since about 2/3 of all global electricity is delivered to machines as the end use devices, their importance for global energy and sustainability is unparalleled. Similarly, the production, use, and growth of electric machinery applications is a vital indicator of economic health.

Machines today have expanded far beyond basic line-fed operation characteristic of their initial explosive growth two or three generations ago. Portable disk drives, laptop computers, piezoelectric haptic actuators, and advanced permanent magnet servos have taken their place alongside line-fed induction machines and high-power synchronous machines. Innovations in electric traction, wind generation, medical equipment, aircraft systems, and thousands of other applications continue to expand their domain. Devices have been built at the nano scale, while ever-larger hydro turbines operate the latest pumped-storage systems. IEMDC is a place where traditional applications, modern drive systems, and future innovations can come together to seed and germinate new ideas and technologies.