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20th International Conference on Life Cycle Engineering

12.9.2013 – Conferenza CIRP LCE 2014 – 18-20 Giugno 2014 a Trondheim (Norvegia)


NTNU, in collaboration with the Centre for Norwegian Manufacturing Future (NORMAN), cordially invites you to the 21st CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering in Trondheim, Norway, 18-20 June 2014.

The main theme of this conference will be:

Life cycle engineering to save energy

Energy usage in all phases of a product's life cycle is one of the key concerns for all environmentally concerned engineers. Energy consumption is one of the main drivers for the production and operational cost of a product. Energy saving in all phases of the product lifecycle is also one of the major keys to solving the environmental challenge of the 21st century. In this conference top researchers from all over the world will meet to exchange knowledge at the leading edge of research in life cycle engineering.


Conference topics:

Ø  Energy efficient design

Ø  Energy usage in a life cycle perspective

Ø  Sustainability in manufacturing

Ø  Sustainable logistics

Ø  Sustainability analysis and tools

Ø  Re-use and remanufacturing


We will also welcome papers on any other topics related to life cycle engineering.