13/04/2011 - International Electric Machines and Drives Conference

The IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference (IEMDC) provides an international forum for sharing experience, new ideas, and developments in design, operation, analysis, and practical application of electrical machines, generation of electric energy and drive systems and their components. IEMDC is a venue for users, designers and manufacturers, and analysts of electric machines and drives and their related power electronics and controls. The conference is jointly sponsored by the four IEEE Societies, namely, IEEE Power and Energy, Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics and Industry Applications. In addition to the subjects identified above, the conference will have papers and plenary presentations by world recognized experts to highlight various aspects of electric machines and drives such as general industry and automotive applications, renewable and new energy applications. Of interest are topics related to permanent magnet generators and motor drive systems, fault tolerant and bearingless operation and maintainability, diagnostics and prognostics of electric machines and systems, and intelligent control of electric motor drives and systems. Also of interest are papers in areas including novel designs and applications of electric machines and drives in utility, hybrid electric vehicles, naval and aircraft power systems. Papers addressing these and all other related topics are encouraged. Submission deadline was Friday December 3, 2010 for 5 -pages Digest in Double Spacing, Single Column . v